LG Airdrive is software for making a bridge connection between LG phones and PCs. You can manage them on Windows with your phones and tablets. It doesn’t matter if you are working on any kind of Windows operating system. Fully secure and comfortable environment. Stay in touch for free and perform different tasks as you wish.

lg airdrive
LG Airdrive | LG Bridge (2020) For Windows Free Download

What is LG AirDrive?

LG Airdrive is the best device management software for LG models only. This will help you manage everything you want on your smartphone. You can manage your phone contacts, back up and recover at any time. All this you can do with just connecting your phone to a PC via a USB data cable. In addition, you can check out the key features below.

What is LG Bridge?

LG Bridge is software that makes it easier for you to manage your LG devices. You can do backups, updates to phone software, file transfers and contacts. Connect your LG to computers and move stuff on the go. Do it all and do much more inside. Whenever you want to update your software, backup and restore with these features. The software package comes with packages complete with LG Pulse and LG Airdrive. First, it will allow you to connect your LG branded devices. This list includes all LG’s LG phones, devices, smartphones, cell phones and Android tablets.

Features Points

  • Enable your LG to connect to a Windows machine
  • Manage and sync contacts on the phone
  • Control the device remotely from a computer or laptop
  • Wireless access connection
  • Backup and restore
  • Update phone software
  • Connect your source to various mediums, such as USB data cable, Bluetooth, mobile hotspots, and Wi-Fi.

The additional feature will discuss the details in the lines below, stay with us and continue reading the article in its entirety. You need to collect all the necessary information about the LG Erardio before downloading it. To make it personal, users will be allowed to personalize their home screens and apps. Get LG apps directly from your official stores and allow them to download.

How to Use LG Airdrive / Bridge:

  • Download the software from our website
  • Install it
  • Create a free account on it now
  • After that, you can log into your account
  • For contacts, you have to go to mobile phone settings.
  • In addition, you can also connect to Windows
  • Find General Settings> Network> Share & Connect> LG Bridge from your phone

For file management, you can manage your media files from a PC. Open File Explorer, which will store all your files in one place. You can do whatever you want with your phone’s data. Move, rename, edit, share, move and delete, and those related features were always there for you. LG Bridge and LG Air Drive will support the latest version of LG devices. If you are using an older version of LG cellphone, you need a PC suite. In this case you can click on LG PC Suite to get PC Suite.

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LG Air Drive Download for PC:

Download the LG Air Drive from the link below and do a quick installation. Suitable for both Windows and Android devices. So the version we’re going to share is the current version. On the other hand, you can call it the latest version of Windows.

Download LG Bridge is an LG Airdrive software that manages the updates and backups of all LG devices, including smartphones, mobile phones and tabs. This suite will do the same, but only on older devices on the go.


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