BST (Best Smart Tool) Dongle the latest version setup without Dongle. Here you are here to download the latest version, click on the downloaded links provided by BST Dongle Crack Setup and download it for free. The Best Smart Tool (BST) Dongle is a professional phone software repair tool that will help you repair all the mobile phone software. You can use BST Dongle in the mobile phone software service using a simple and easy way. 

BST Dongle
BST Dongle Full Latest Version V3.42.00 Crack Setup Free Download

Click here BST AVIAL for free here. Supported by Flash, you can easily flash Android Smartphones via BST Dongle Crack Setup. If you have an Android phone and the phone is turned off, BST is used to unlock the entire screen locks of the phone. 

Repair of auxiliary models are IMEI which are supported by BST Dongle Crack. Easily connect all mobile phone devices across Samsung, HTCLGXiamiOppo and MTK smartphones. Along with this, cooperation with NVM/EFS. Support Dongle, read and write all the firmware on your phone. Flash or unlock any mobile phone device. 


  1. Simply remove the Samsung screen lock without activating USB debugging or rooting the phone so you do not lose user data.
  2. You can unlock HTC Smartphones and do not have to use USB debugging mode.
  3. Samsung Mobile Phones Repair IMEI.
  4. Restore or back up your IMII’s Android phones.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 easily remembers IME.
  6. New and latest software that has a user-friendly interface.

One click support area for users. Once you connect your phone to the software, it will automatically install the necessary drivers. Automatically helps you detect phone details such as firmware versions and models. Multi-language support system with software.

You can also add your local language with this set-up. Restore your phone’s data without backup or your phone without a robot. All windows also support operating systems such as windows 7, 8 and windows 10. Universal interface and comfortable with UART cable. 

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The regular software update option allows you to automatically update the software setup. Read Samsung Phones All information via ADB mode or MTP interface. Flash your phone with a high-speed shining feature and it will save you time. 

Read your phone code and easily remove it from your phone. Create unmanned IMEI of any phone and also repair the IMEI of the damage of the phone. If needed, they will connect to your phone automatically.

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